Sunday, October 20, 2013

Due date

So here we are. It is Lucy's due date today. She's sleeping on my chest after a busy day of eating, sleeping, watching mommy and daddy play Mario Kart, and 2 photo shoots. I dressed her up and held her up to the window of my old primary class and let the kids see her. Then I went in and shared a bit of our journey. It's so surreal to relive it. I was just trying to survive school, and then I'd relax and enjoy my pregnancy. It's funny, the week I went into labor, I started to write a blog post about how much pregnancy sucked. Swelling, heartburn, and that stress induced heart problem that's just a distant memory. I was not looking forward to getting even bigger (I'd already gained 32 pounds), and knew that the stretch marks would be setting in soon. That all seems so unimportant now. I was celebrating my stretch marks when they finally came in, because it meant she was growing! And every extra day of pregnancy was a blessing. I've barely started to process this whole thing. As amazing as this is, I had always pictured it going so incredibly differently. I was talking to my friend today, and she brought up how if I'd gone full term, I'd be just getting a primary sub, and probably feeling pretty lame and huge, but instead I have a 9 week old. Then she said that most people only get their tiny tiny baby for a few days, and then the newborn stage is over. And I love babies so much, and I get my tiny baby for so much longer than other people. That's really the greatest blessing I could imagine. I've waited so long for this little love, and it took so much to get her here. My house isn't clean, and my hair doesn't get washed as often as it should, and we're eating a little too much Wendy's, but whenever people say "enjoy this time, it goes so fast", Matt and I have decided that we couldn't possibly be enjoying it more. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stare at my daughter's hands for an hour. Happy due date dear Lucy. We love you very very very very very very very much.

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Anonymous said...

Id love to see an update on your family! I saw your video on youtube of your daughters journey. Love to see how she is doing and what she looks like now