Sunday, October 20, 2013

Due date

So here we are. It is Lucy's due date today. She's sleeping on my chest after a busy day of eating, sleeping, watching mommy and daddy play Mario Kart, and 2 photo shoots. I dressed her up and held her up to the window of my old primary class and let the kids see her. Then I went in and shared a bit of our journey. It's so surreal to relive it. I was just trying to survive school, and then I'd relax and enjoy my pregnancy. It's funny, the week I went into labor, I started to write a blog post about how much pregnancy sucked. Swelling, heartburn, and that stress induced heart problem that's just a distant memory. I was not looking forward to getting even bigger (I'd already gained 32 pounds), and knew that the stretch marks would be setting in soon. That all seems so unimportant now. I was celebrating my stretch marks when they finally came in, because it meant she was growing! And every extra day of pregnancy was a blessing. I've barely started to process this whole thing. As amazing as this is, I had always pictured it going so incredibly differently. I was talking to my friend today, and she brought up how if I'd gone full term, I'd be just getting a primary sub, and probably feeling pretty lame and huge, but instead I have a 9 week old. Then she said that most people only get their tiny tiny baby for a few days, and then the newborn stage is over. And I love babies so much, and I get my tiny baby for so much longer than other people. That's really the greatest blessing I could imagine. I've waited so long for this little love, and it took so much to get her here. My house isn't clean, and my hair doesn't get washed as often as it should, and we're eating a little too much Wendy's, but whenever people say "enjoy this time, it goes so fast", Matt and I have decided that we couldn't possibly be enjoying it more. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stare at my daughter's hands for an hour. Happy due date dear Lucy. We love you very very very very very very very much.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

McDonalds is so pointless

So today, we needed to get Matt fed lunch and off to work quickly, and he requested McDonalds. We normally don't eat there much, but he's redeveloped a palate for it after living with a picky co-worker for almost 3 months. And their chicken nuggets are the best around.

So we went and ordered, and had a  good giggle when Matt asked for "That sweet and spicy sauce that you have" and the girl listed off EVERY OTHER SAUCE (ranch, BBQ, spicy mustard, every other sauce that couldn't possibly be it), and finally, after all of us scratching our heads in confusion, her asking "Sweet chili sauce?". Then, when he got his nuggets, it was being advertised RIGHT ON THE CARTON!!

There's more though. Sometimes there's nothing better than a McDonalds cheeseburger. Sodium filled badforyou-ness. Matt got their regular double cheeseburger. I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese, because my guilty pleasure sandwich at Wendy's is a quarter pound single with cheese, and it is sooooo good. And guess what we discovered? Matt's sandwich was 440 calories, 1050 mg of sodium, 23 g of fat, all of that good stuff. It came with onions, pickles, ketchup, two patties, a bun, 2 slices of cheese... $1.69? It was good too, I had to have a bite. My sandwich was 520 calories, 1100 mg of sodium, 26 g of fat, it came with onions, pickles, ketchup, a single patty, a (sesame seed) bun, and 2 slices of cheese. $3.99?!????!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK MCDONALDS?! Am I REALLY paying over double for SESAME SEEDS??!?!?! My sandwich was not even good!! It was dry and stupid and I had wanted tomatoes and lettuce and mayo, and all of the other good things that go on $3.99 burgers. So I'm mad. Mad at McDonalds for being so stupid, and yet being the largest fast food corporation in the U.S. Mad that I had a stupid lunch. Mad that I wasted over 250 calories (I could only stomach half and decided I would eat lunch at home) and $4 on a pointless burger when I could've had the same thing only better for less than half the price.

Stupid McDonalds. Stick to making crack-filled breakfast sandwiches that are half of our caloric intake for the day (Sausage egg and cheese McGriddle, just thinking about it gives me heartburn).

On another note, I discovered Subway mayo this week, and I think they should sell it in little packets that I can just squirt into my mouth. I might pull of a heist where the only thing I steal is their mayo. Ok, that was a gross mental image, but... seriously. It's so good.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Cutest experience on the planet.

So... We had an experience that will go down for the record books as being the cutest thing that's ever happened thus far in our life.

It's about time that I should start feeling baby. If I press on my stomach, I can tell where baby is, and feel heartbeats (probably the placenta?), but I hadn't felt any little wiggles or anything. Then Tuesday, Matt was pressing on my stomach, and felt two very distinct wiggles/kicks/dance moves. I didn't feel anything except his hand, and I was a little disappointed, but he was over the moon and it was so cute that he got to feel the first wiggles. There probably aren't many daddys who can say that. Then last night, I was going to bed, and I wiggled into my initial position, because I always sleep on my belly first (not flat, one leg propped up so that I don't squish anyone). A couple minutes after I got settled, I felt the EXACT SAME THING happen in my stomach!! It felt like a stretch, a turn, and then some settling. I was so excited!!! Matt came in and we decided that baby couldn't go to sleep yet, so he got his phone out, and we played baby's first song, which we decided would have to be "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles. We thought it would just wake baby back up, but we started dying laughing at the lyrics "C'monc'monc'monc'mon baby now"!!! Then we danced on top of the bed to it, holding it as close to baby as possible, and then settled down (on my stomach again, so that gravity could help) and felt baby's dance moves.

So the very first Wright Baby Dance Party has been held, and it was amazing.

Also, I found these at our local second hand store today. Not enough adjectives to describe how cute they are. They're both 0-3 months. And they were 50 cents each.

Also, I love second hand stores. I went to every single store in town today, looking for maternity clothes, or even just things I could use as maternity wear. There was NOTHING. I found a maxi dress, and a couple of sweaters on clearance, for post-baby wear. Then I went to the second hand store, and found 8 maternity items (5 tops, 3 pants) that all fit me perfectly (and are pre-shrunk) for $20!!! The awesome part is was that I wiped out about half the maternity section. It's like they were set aside just for me. I will be needing more in the near future, but this will keep me from living in yoga pants for a few weeks.

And now, Liverpool's own...